AI vs AI


It wouldn’t be another day on the internet without another article about AI, would it? You can’t move right now for new innovations, some more successful than others - let’s not discuss the nightmarish results of some of the AI image creators!

But how can the rise of AI help us in the commercial property sector, and what can it already tell us about where we might be going wrong?

In a case of AI (artificial intelligence) vs AI (AgentsInsight), we put ChatGPT (and our own software) to the test by asking: What is wrong with commercial property software?

The answer:

Commercial property software, like any software, can have various issues such as bugs, usability challenges, compatibility problems with other systems, and security vulnerabilities. It's essential to choose well-maintained and regularly updated software to minimise these potential problems. 

ChatGPT highlighted six key issues:

1. Complexity:
Some commercial property software can be overly complex, making it difficult for users to navigate and utilise all its features effectively.

2. Usability: Poor user interface design and unintuitive workflows can lead to frustration and reduced efficiency among users.

These two issues go hand-in-hand. The question we ask at AgentsInsight is: do all fee earners and managers use your CRM software? If not, then your system is overly complex. 

Working with agents to understand and align with their workflows - and identifying ways to streamline those processes - sits at the core of the AgentsInsight system. The results are evident in our weekly active user rates of 71% - across support staff, agents and directors. 

3. Updates and Maintenance: Inadequate updates, bug fixes, or support can result in outdated software with unresolved issues.

4. User Training: Complex software may require extensive training for users, leading to a steeper learning curve and potential productivity slowdowns

Again, the same impact: lack of use and low value for money from your software. The AgentsInsight team work continually to bring new features and improvements, listening to user feedback, all in order to streamline and speed up the leasing and sale of commercial property. So far this year, we have shipped 137 updates, with enhancements ranging from Slack-style team messaging to customised filtering and multi-property email campaigns. 

Dedicated account managers help monitor customers’ usage and adoption of existing and new features, and free training is always available, however long you’ve been on board.

And when you want to crack on and solve it yourself? Our knowledge base with tutorial videos is available 24/7, as is our friendly AI-powered chatbot Fin, who is currently running at a 98% answer rate, and successfully resolving one third of queries for users - and rising!

5. Scalability: Not all software scales well as a business grows, which can result in performance issues and limitations as the user base or property portfolio expands.

A system that can grow with you is vital for success. No one is in business in order to tread water, and we want to help you maintain your cutting edge. AgentsInsight powers the workflows of over 200 commercial agencies, ranging from specialist one man bands to global players, plus many of the new kids on the block - tech-minded emerging agencies who are rapidly expanding their market share and agency teams. We’ve scaled internationally according to customer needs and currently support teams in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. 

6. Lack of Mobile Support: In today's mobile-centric world, software that lacks robust mobile support can be a significant drawback for users who need to access data on the go.

It seems obvious but there’s an astounding lack of mobility in commercial property software. We all know how much of an agent’s day is spent out and about, from building launches to viewing tours. Access to your data at all times is an essential. How else to keep deals moving? And no one wants a huge to-do list when you get back to your desk! Our mobile app, AgentsGo, solves this and keeps you connected wherever, whenever. No laptop required. 

So in the battle of AI vs AI, we say AgentsInsight passes with flying colours. Why not put us to the test for yourself? 

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