Calling all leasing agents - focus on impactful tasks


Time is a valuable commodity, especially for leasing agents who are constantly on the move to cater to their clients' needs. In today's fast-paced world, speed and efficiency are more critical than ever, yet the real estate sector remains hampered by inefficiencies. How much time do you spend on low impact tasks? How great would it be to automate these tasks so you can focus on what matters most - providing an exceptional service to your clients? 

The good news is that technology can provide the solution. While technology has become ubiquitous in our daily lives, it has yet to fully integrate into commercial leasing agencies. In this article, we explore how by better employing technology solutions, leasing agents can streamline their work to provide a more tailored service to their clients as well as freeing up time to win new business.

The term impactful business tasks refer to those activities that not only produce high-quality results but also contribute significantly to the organisation's overall goals and objectives: within agency - deal volumes and fees. In order for the business to grow effectively it is crucial that all employees are focused on growth-oriented tasks rather than being bogged down with administrative ones. As a sense check, think about how much time is spent on the following tasks…

  • Posting property details to your website and portals
  • Creating PDF particulars
  • Tracking inbound enquiries
  • Creating property reports for tenants
  • Sending out email blasts
  • Logging agent led demand
  • Creating marketing reports for landlords and joint agents
  • Logging future lease events for market deals
  • Booking viewings

All of these tasks are important elements in the deal workflow but are not impactful in their own right - it is what is done with the outputs that lead to deals. And what would life be like if these were automated and c. 11 hours a week could be saved by doing so - how could this time be spent on high growth activities like meeting new clients, and winning new business?

By focusing on impactful tasks, agents can improve their operations, reduce costs, increase productivity, and ultimately do more deals. AgentsInsight is a tech system which handles all of these key agent workflows, eliminating the need for Outlook, Word, Excel or alternative dated software systems. Our clients are finding that by adopting AgentsInsight their agents are able to save time, stay ahead of their competitors, adapt to changing market conditions, and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Ben Orchard Smith is a Director at Kontor, a Central London leasing agency, and he says:

"AgentsInsight saves us a huge amount of time on admin tasks. We are more agile as a business, have information at our fingertips and therefore can make better business decisions and provide our clients with better advice. Having just merged with Kontor and grown the company overnight, having all of our information on Agents Insight has been imperative to supporting our company's growth."

Interested to learn more on how to adopt modern technology within your commercial leasing agency? Click here to book a demo of AgentsInsight 

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