Leasing agency is mobile - AgentsInsight is the tech tool for you!

The commercial leasing sector never stands still. Both in a literal sense, with moving tenants, developing spaces, dynamic deals and in a figurative sense, the way the sector operates and communicates. Agency is constantly evolving.

Gone are the days of returning from a day of viewings to face a barrage of urgent missed emails and calls. Now being out and about does not have to stop communication flows. And with modern tenants expecting information to be readily available and landlords demanding more prompt communication, it's essential for leasing agents to respond quickly to meet expectations. This is where technology comes in.

The ever-changing technological landscape has led to the development of a workforce that is more connected, efficient, and mobile than ever before. As a result, leasing agents are modernising their workflows and embracing technology to meet the needs of their clients and their own businesses. 

From mobile apps, to cloud-based software, technology is now a part of all aspects of our lives, and leasing agents are utilising AgentsInsight to their advantage, making workflows more efficient and effective, and ultimately giving them a competitive edge. 


With AgentsInsight you can now work where you want, when you want and manage your time in a way that best suits you and your clients. We frequently hear of agents leaving the office and forgetting property details - now you can access all of your disposal information on the move! 

Competitive advantage

The use of modern technology and mobile devices gives leasing agents a competitive edge. It allows them to be more responsive, agile, and adapt to changes in their diary, as well as the market. 

Efficiency & cost savings

Mobile devices and modern technology allow for faster and more efficient communication and collaboration, which can result in increased productivity and quicker decision-making. 

What Leasing Agents say

George Brewster, an Associate Partner at Hanover Green says:

"With viewings, client meetings and appraisals, we spend a huge amount of time away from our desk. Having the AgentsInsight app keeps me in touch, both with the market via Society, and my current instructions - I can respond easily to any inbound leads, match requests, update client shortlists, add viewing notes and feedback – which in turn diminishes the to do list when I get back to the office."

Looking for a cutting edge?

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