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Publish to Radius Data Exchange in just a few clicks

We've been working closely with EG Radius Data Exchange to come up with what we like to call the 'Magic-button' to help our mutual customers publish the data they want to publish from AI straight to Radius.

Watch a quick video run through of how it's done from AgentsInsight or you can read the full press release below.

EG and Insight Technology Partnership to Improve Data Sharing for Commercial Property Agents

EG, the market-leading supplier of data, news and analytics products and services for the commercial real estate market, has announced a strategic partnership with Insight Technology, the company behind AgentsInsight, an agency workflow tool used by leading commercial agencies. The agreement will expand the breadth of information captured in the EG Radius Data Exchange, the UK’s leading data-sharing platform for commercial real estate professionals.

The partnership will open up access to the EG Radius Data Exchange contributory database for commercial property agents subscribing to AgentsInsight software. This will enable agents to submit details of their availability and transactions to both systems simultaneously, simplifying the process of their information sharing and collaboration.

The coming together of the UK’s leading real estate databases creates a significant step forward in enhancing the view of the commercial real estate market. The ability to access up-to-date deal transactions, lease events, availability and other essential market data enables more informed decisions and the ability to act quickly when opportunities arise.

The EG Radius Data Exchange via AgentsInsight will provide agents with the ability to manage all their property data and leverage the value of this wealth of market intelligence, whilst maintaining control of what they want to share - at no additional cost.. The addition of new contributing agents further enhances the benefits of the EG Radius Data Exchange by expanding the community of agents and other commercial property professionals contributing to the wealth of information at members’ fingertips.

An acceleration of data sharing has seen EG Radius Data Exchange reach critical mass in terms of market coverage. In 2019 EG reported that 70% of deals in the EG Radius Exchange were credited to contributing clients, additionally, the report disclosed that contributed deals data increased year on year by 77% in comparison to deal contributions in Q1 of 2019 to Q1 2020.

Mike Avery, founder of Insight Technology, said: “This represents an important step forward in terms of market collaboration and ease of sharing; no other platform enables agents to exchange commercial property information of such value and with such ease.

“Both platforms - AgentsInsight and the EG Radius Data Exchange - have similar visions for empowering commercial property agents with powerful yet simple to use technology and the most accurate and up-to-date picture of the market, from information on availability of space and planning data to details of requirements and transactions. “It’s also worth noting that AgentsInsight powers the Office Agents Society website, so there’s a clear route for office agents to seamlessly integrate with Radius if they choose to do so.”

EG Managing Director Pete Kumposcht said: “Our mission is to provide the most accurate and complete data and information to the market, ensuring that customers have the most reliable information to make the right business decisions. This partnership is another important step forward in the growth of our business and a clear demonstration of our commitment to supporting the commercial property industry. We look forward to working with Insight Technology to the benefit of agents and other commercial real estate professionals.”

Both platforms - AgentsInsight and the EG Radius Data Exchange - have similar visions for empowering commercial property agents with powerful yet simple to use technology

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