See what society requirements you've responded to


See what Society requirements you or your colleagues have replied to

What have we updated?

We have made it easier for you to see what society requirements you or your colleagues have responded to.

Why have we updated it?

We want to make working remotely via the Society easier for teams. Sending responses back via the Society means you can easily collaborate with your colleagues on acquisitions as they circulate around the market, like seeing what everyone has sent the the tenant rep and what their comments are.

See what you've sent via the society advert

- Click on the Acquisition
- See what has already been sent under "Matched Properties"
- Update the matches with the latest comments from the tenant rep
- Optionally message the tenant rep directly about the properties sent

See what you've sent via the Interest Schedule

- View an Interest Schedule, click on a requirement
- Chase the Tenant reps about this property
- Whilst there get an update from them about the other properties you sent them too
- Store their feedback and update all the Interest Schedules instantly

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