Why leasing agency leaders love AgentsInsight


AgentsInsight is a tech product built by leasing agents for leasing agents. We are the technology partner of the commercial agency societies across the UK, having developed the Agents Society, a marketplace for leasing agents. AgentsInsight is the daily dashboard for over 1,500 commercial agents nationally - covering industrial, offices and retail - and can be tailored for the activities of both global corporations and niche businesses. 

Leasing agents log in daily to manage all aspects of their job including booking viewings, creating comparable schedules, sending email campaigns and publishing marketing particulars. Most importantly, AgentsInsight allows agents to capture all of the data generated from these activities and turn this into useful insights. You may have heard the saying that “data is the new oil" - AgentsInsight empowers agents to take control of data, refining and surfacing information and turning it into a valuable commodity which can power their business moving forward.  

Historically, commercial property agents have relied on old software systems (or no software system!) with limited control of their data. AgentsInsight is the leasing agent's trusted technology partner; it enables them to surface the relevant data to make the right business decision. And importantly, maintain the principle that agents own their data, AgentsInsight simply enables you to make better use of it.  

For those in senior leadership roles, AgentsInsight helps them manage the numerous competing demands; from servicing and keeping clients happy, winning new business and effectively managing your employees, be that agents, marketing, or support staff. Read below on how AgentsInsight can help you streamline agency activities and focus your team on the most impactful tasks for the business. 

Real-time data 

AgentsInsight's dashboard provides real-time access to important business metrics such as on-going deals, inspections, and return on investment of portal feeds. Informed decisions can be made quickly, without having to wait for a weekly updated report from your team members. If you have ever been chased by demanding clients and not had up to date data ready you will know how beneficial this could be!

Now you can own your marketing channels by tracking enquiries and deals from the source and make data driven decisions on where to promote your properties. Let’s be honest, there are a lot of property portals and knowing which one is yielding the best return for you and your clients can be tough to judge. AgentsInsight surfaces this information so agents can track portal success and make insightful recommendations to clients.  

Improved team collaboration & efficiency 

AgentsInsight improves your team's efficiency, with customers saving over 11 hours per fee earner. Jack Realey, a Partner at Frost Meadowcroft, says ““our old processes simply put were inefficient - similar to other agents (I am sure there are many that still do this) we used Excel, Word and Powerpoint. There was a lot of data entry and duplication.” He goes on to add “The efficiencies of AgentsInsight are clear - from tracking deals through a clear dashboard helps our team focus on activity that is going to result in letting our clients buildings. With my director's hat on it allows me and my fellow directors to understand where team members may need assistance.”

Sharing ideas and market intel is also vital to commercial leasing agents. AgentsInsight can be accessed by multiple users from different locations, allowing everyone in the team to collaborate and share information more easily. This can lead to better communication, decision-making and a more cohesive team. System usage reports help you track and report on activity across the whole agency, giving leadership the tools to effectively manage. 

Deal pipeline & new opportunities 

Make your data work for you. Demand, supply and take-up pipelines can all be visualised within AgentsInsight, helping you to understand trends and model your future business pipeline. Previous deals, whether completed or lost, contain valuable information which is often unutilised. Make use of this data to identify potential opportunities you and your team may otherwise be missing. 

And with all of this free time for your fee earners - they can focus on the more impactful business activities: pitching for new business and winning more opportunities! 

Interested to learn more on how to adopt modern technology within your commercial leasing agency? Click here to book a demo of AgentsInsight 

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