PDF Particulars

You select your preferred layout, we'll then customise it with your logo, branding and colours and add it to your system.

Free PDF Options

The property name and address leads, accompanied by your logo. The main photograph for the property sits full width, followed by all key information, and signed off with your contact details in the footer.

This layout comes FREE

Choose between our 2 free layout options
Branded with your company's logo and colours
24 hour turnaround to set up*
Auto-generated from your existing listings
Auto-updated whenever you make changes to your listings
Option 1
Option 2
Option 1
Option 2

Premium PDF Options

Your logo sits at the top followed quickly by the properties main image and key information. Below that your personal message appears with the relevant agents contact details at the bottom of the email.

Premium PDFs £420

Pick & mix from our front & back layouts - 24 possible combinations
Branded with your company's logo and colours
Custom fonts available (Google Fonts)
Auto-generated, auto-updated from your existing listings
Includes an optional gallery page

Bespoke PDF Options

For when you need something to really stand out from the crowd: enquire about our bespoke designs. Starting from scratch we can work with you to design & build particulars to meet your exacting requirements.

Bespoke PDFs (build only) start from £960
Bespoke PDFs (design & build) start from £1,280

Built to your design, or we can design them for you
Your weapon to really stand out in the market
Turnaround to set up from as little as 5 days*
Auto-generated, auto-updated from your existing listings
Contact us for a quote
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